ticket kiosk

Parking Ticket Printer

Kiosk Manufacturer Parking Ticket Printer Touchscreen Kiosk Machine

Regular or industrial PC (detailed specification may differ according to different applications)
2) Industrial power supply
3) 15, 17, 19″ or above industrial display TFT LCD monitor
4) 15, 17, 19″ or above touch screen
5) MV certified motorized magnetic, smart card reader
6) RF card reader
7) Printer
8) Speakers
9) UPS
10) All steel made enclosure



Encrypted pin pad
Cash acceptor
Cash recycler
Coin acceptor
Card dispenser
Motion sensor
Passport scanner and reader
Fingerprint reader

Bill payment, E-payment, information check, bill print, personal E-banking, redeem voucher, order entry

We specializes in manufacturing professional self-service kiosk
Our product line of kiosks includes:
Retail kiosk
Ticket kiosk
ATM machine
Internet kiosk
Financial kiosk
Computer kiosk
Interactive kiosk
Self-service kiosk
Multimedia kiosk
Information kiosk
Dual -screen kiosk
Touch screen kiosk
ATM payment kiosk
Vending machine kiosk
Touchscreen vending machine


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