lcd video wall4

LCD Video Wall

4×4 Multi Screen Video Wall

  • Multi-touch video wall loading compact and compact.
  • The panel has a stylish design, lighter weight, easy to handle and install.(Original LG/SAMSUNG/Others panel)
  • Modular components and a set of front-mounted assembly systems make maintenance operations and parts replacement very easy.
  • 4*4 LCD Video Wall show commercial advertisement, food picture, video play, product picture.
  • Stable performance,suitable working for a long time


Full screen display
The entire screen shows a complete image,The displayed image can be composite video、VGA/S-VIDEO、YPBPR/YCBCR or DV、HDMI.
Single screen display
Each unit is a single image,The input signal for each unit can be set arbitrarily.
Any combination display
Any number of units show a portrait.
Image roaming
By software processing can be any one signal to a screen as a unit, moving on the screen.
Image overlay
Any signal can be superimposed on other signals by software processing.
Image stretch
can be any one signal to a screen as a unit By software processing, stretching in the entire screen.
Speed response time
ZUG LCD splicing unit with 6ms fast response time technology,The picture have no tail.
Wide viewing angle
From any point of view there is no color change or distortion.
rich Size 
Rich LCD splicing unit size,For customer selectivity,the size have 40′,42′,46′,47′,55′,60′.
long life
Using intelligent temperature control cooling technology,Stability and strong,Service life more than 60k hrs,all day 7*24 hrs Uninterrupted work.