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Digital Signage Charging Station

•Connect to one or more local area network in the host computer (Media Server), at any time can send commands to control one or more groups of advertising

•The advertising machine can download various advertisement clips from the main computer (PC) either at will or according to the predefined “task list”, and automatically play after the download is completed.

•Advertising machine in accordance with the pre-editing set dormancy, start-up time, booking download time, booking time and other parameters automatically work

•Horizontal scroll text characters can be displayed at the bottom of the screen to facilitate all kinds of text notification occasions. May at any time by the main control

•Create groups and user accounts / Play / Stop / Volume settings / Turn on and off video output / Reboot / Shut down / Format CF card / Send text notification / Send RSS news / Send playlist / Send Auto download Play command / Read CF card status, capacity, file name and so on.

•You can publish real-time text scrolling information, such as promotion information, conference notification, special information, tracing inspiration, supply and demand information, new product listing information, etc. Can be any remote subtitles or pictures of the spots. Split screen can be achieved to achieve business diversification 8. Remote advertising machine can be real-time automatic detection, monitoring and the formation of test status reports.


Size of Display  : 32”

Screen : LG/AU LED A+ LED backlight Display

Ratio : 16 : 9

Display Size : 697*392mm

Size of machine : 1769*83*121mm

Resolution : 1920*1080

Viewing angle : Wide viewing angle

Brightness : 300CD/M²

Contrast : 1500:1

Color : 16.7M

Life hours : 60000H

Power rate : 60-80W

Voltage : 110-240V

Body material : Car paint

Color : White

Package : Carton + foam

Version : Standalone Card Edition (D) \ Andrews Network Edition (W)

Charging configuration :

7 Apple phone charging head

7 Android phone charging head

7 new Andrews mobile phone charging head

A total of 21 charging head

2 X USB socket

12 X Built-in charging box (including three charging head)


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